Tec 50



Tec 50

During the course, you further develop the fundamental skills in technical diving you learned during your Tec 40 and Tec 45 course. This is a course that places great demands on you as a diver. In order for you to succeed on the course, it is required that you are well prepared and prepared to work hard. There is no guarantee that you will succeed in the course on the first try. All dives on the course deeper than 40 meters are performed with trimix. In addition to the course fee, there are also the costs fot all gases.

After the course, you are qualified to carry out and plan decompression dives with unlimited decompression to 50 meters of depth, with air, nitrox or limited trimix as bottom gas and dual deco gases with any oxygen mixture up to 100% as decogas.

PADI Tec 45 or equivalent PADI Rescue diver or equivalent EFR primary & secondary care, or equivalent max 24 months old (if not PADI RD) At least 50 logged dives of which at least 12 on nitrox deeper than 18 m. And 6 deeper than 30 m. Approved medical examination max 12 months old.

Equipment requirements:
All equipment must be configured in a manner suitable for technical diving
Twin set with manifold and isolation.
Two regulators, one with a longhose and one with a manometer.
Backplate, harness and wing  with sufficient buoyancy, preferably stainless steel backplate.
2 SMB, preferably one red and one yellow.
2 cutting tools
At least one line reel and at least one with enough line to release the bag from maximum depth.
2 dive computers suitable for technical diving (or 2 time and 2 depth gauges).
Extra mask.
2 deco cylinders with regulator and manometer approved for 100% oxygen.
1 main light with battery pack and at least 1 backup light.

Theory sessions:
The theory is divided into the following parts: Equipment, Gas planning, Techniques and procedures, Emergency procedures, Team diving and thinking like a technical diver. All theory is interspersed with practical examples and problem solving where the theory is translated into reality. We also go through dive planning programs, for example. GAP

Exercises in confined water:
The course includes at least one dive in the pool where we go through the basic skills required for the further course. An assessment is also made here if you are ready to continue the course.

Diving in open water:
The course contains four dives in the sea, three of which are practice dives and one is a real decompression dive.
In order to complete the decompression dive, you must have passed all previous parts of the course.

You will find the price for the course in our Course Catalog


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