Kalender för PADI Tec CCR 40


Tec CCR 40

In the PADI Tec CCR 40 course, you will learn how to plan and carry out diving with air as diluent gas on a type T (technical) fully closed rebreather (CCR). After the course, you are qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 40 meters with a maximum of 10 minutes of decompression. You are also authorized to use air or nitrox as a bailout gas.

Tec 40 CCR Diver is the first level of training that deals with technical diving on a type T rebreathers, it is can also be the first course if you have chosen a Type T rebreather. The course introduces techniques for diagnosing problems at the rebreathern and, if possible, returning to the loop to complete the dive with limited decompression.

Prerequisites: rb_ja_liten


You will find the price for the course in our Course catalog


Kalender för PADI Tec CCR 40
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