Advanced Rebreather Diver


Kalender för Advanced Rebreather Diver


Advanced Rebreather Diver

Are you a PADI Rebreather diver and want to develop your diving further? Then PADIs Advanced Rebreather diver is for you! Today we can offer you the course on Poseidon MkVI Discovery or Poseidon Se7en.

During the course you will learn how to handle your rebreather safely down to a depth of 30 m.


Course layout:
The course begins with theory sessions which, among other things, include the theory behind different types of rebreathers and techniques for diving with rebreathers. The course then includes a confined water dive and four dives in the open water. You will spend AT LEAST 240 minutes underwater during the course dives.

After the course, you will be certified to dive down to 30 m on your Poseidon MkVI Discovery, Poseidon Se7en, Se7en+ and to use a bailuot cylinder.

You will find the price for the course in our Course catalog

Kalender för Advanced Rebreather Diver
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