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Kalender för Rebreather training


When you are learning to dive with a rebreather, there are a number of differences compared to education on open circuit scuba systems. The first big difference is that all courses are unit-specific, this means that you will only be certified to use the rebreather model you are training on (then there is a possibility of crossovers between different rebreathers). The next big difference is that much of what you learned about bouyancy control (on open circuit) does not apply anymore. This means that you are a beginner again and it will take time before you return to the same level as you are on an open system today.

There is also a distinction between technical rebreathers (Type T) for technical diving and rebreathers for recreational diving (Type R). This means that all courses are not possible on all systems. The Poseidon MkVI is a Type R rebreather (but it can be upgraded to a Type T) and the Sentinel is a Type T rebreather.

At present, we offer the following courses on the various machines. A yes means that the course is possible on the rebreath model and that we offer it, a no means that the course is not available for the rebreath model. If there is no text at all, there is the course for the rebreather model but we do not offer it at the moment.




   AP Diving     Inspriation (Vision)  Triton
 PADI Rebreather Diver  Yes (Start)  No    No
 PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver  Yes  No    No
 PADI Rebreather Instructor  Yes  No    No
 PADI Tec CCR 40  Yes (Start)  Yes (Start) Yes (Start) No
 PADI Tec CCR 60 Yes    Yes No
 PADI Tec CCR 100        No
 PADI Tec CCR 40 Instructor Yes     No
 TDI CCR Air Diluent Diver Yes (Start)    Yes (Start)   Yes (Start)
 TDI CCR Air Diluent Deco Procedures Diver Yes   Yes  Yes
 TDI CCR Helitrox Deco Procedures Diver Yes    Yes  
 TDI CCR Mixed Gas Diver Yes     Yes  



Our rebreather instructors

Anders Bergman

PADI Rebreather Instructor Trainer
PADI Tec CCR 40 Instructor Trainer
PADI Tec CCR 60 Instructor
RAID Sport Rebreather Instructor Trainer
RAID RB Deco 65 Instructor

Teaches on: Poseidon MkVI & Poseidon Se7en

Johan Asplund

PADI CCR 60 Instructor
IANTD Evolution/Vision Rebreather Instructor
IANTD Triton Instructor
IANTD CCR Technical Cave Instructor

Teaches on:VMS Sentinel, AP Diving Inspiration & Triton

Kalender för Rebreather training
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