Seatrekking Freediver


Kalender för Seatrekking Freediver

SeatrekkingA seatrekker is a freediver who discovers coast line of oceans and lakes.

The diver can cover a large area similar to a trekk on land. The diver explores from the surface and with recreational freedives. The seatrekker brings everything needed for the seatrekk in a waterproof bag which is towed behind the diver with an elastic lanyard. This allows unrestricted diving and control of the equipment at all times.

The goals of the Seatrekking Freediver training are:
A. Teach the student how to use the equipment necessary for seatrekking.
B. Teach the student how to conduct a safe and enjoyable one-day seatrekk.
C. To assure the student understands potential hazards and how to prevent them.
D. Teach the student about the fragile underwater environment and how to have minimum
impact on the dive site.
E. Teach the student about the mission of Project Aware.
F. Teach the student how to conduct a clean up in water and along the shore line.

The course can be conducted separately if ypu already are a certified freediver or in combination with any of the PADI Freediver-courses.

Kalender för Seatrekking Freediver
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