Night Diver


Kalender för Night Diver


As darkness falls, the sea changes. Even the most famous dive site is transformed into a new exciting environment. Many fish and other marine animals that stay hidden during the day come out to seek food in the dark. It gives you opportunities to see things that you rarely see during the day.

In order for you to experience this in a safe and fun way, we offer a specialty course in night diving. You will learn how to plan and organize night dives. You will learn how to handle lights and other specific equipment as well as how to navigate at night. We also go through how you can avoid and handle problems during a night diving. If you have taken the Advanced course, you will probably remember the wonderful feeling of sinking into the dark water for the first time, turning on the diving light and seeing fish and wreckage in the light. If you have not yet taken your Advanced course, you, together with your instructor, will do an extra training dive in connection with this specialty course.

PADI Junior Open Water Diver or equivalent level of training with another organization.

Course layout:
The course includes a theory session and three night dives (if you have already done a night dive on the Advanced Open Water Diver course, this can be counted as one of the three dives).

You need a complete set of diving equipment and a dive light to complete the course, if you dont have your own it can be rented.

If you meet all the goals of the course, you will become a certified PADI Night Diver. This is one of PADIs specialty certifications, if this is your fifth special course and you are also a PADI Rescue Diver, you can apply for the PADI Master Scuba Diver certificate.

You will find the price for the course in our Course Catalog


Kalender för Night Diver
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