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In the southern part of Sweden, we have a very varied coast from steep cliffs at Kullaberg to shallow sandy beaches on the south coast. Due to this, we have a very varied underwater environment where both bottom conditions and salinity can vary greatly.

In our local waters you can see different species such as perch, pike, cod, lobster and crab. If you are really lucky, you can also see seals, porpoises and even basking sharks.

Our seas are often difficult to navigate and have, not infrequently with the help of the forces of the weather, proved overwhelming for many ships. Beneath the surface rests a a lot of wrecks, many more than 100 years old. Thanks to the brackish water many of the ships have been preserved fantastically well. Ever since the Viking Age, the waters around Skåne have also had a relatively large ship traffic, which has led to a large number of sunken ships in our immediate area.

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