Rebreather courses



raidhireslogoIf you are interested in CCR courses we offer RAID courses on the Poseidon MK VI Discovery. For more information contact us in the store or see

Level 1

The core rebreather course is designed to train people with either no diving experience or train Open Circuit divers with NO rebreather skills in the safe use and technology of basic Rebreather diving with no decompression, up to 1.2 PpO2 and to a maximum depth of 20 meter. Combined with this course you will be required to complete a detailed rebreather Speciality unit specific programme. If are not sure which rebreather you wish to learn on contact your RAID Dive centre to discuss this aspect

Level 2

This exciting development course is designed to train students in the safe use and technology of Rebreather diving with no decompression, up to 1.2 PpO2 and to a maximum depth of 30 m

Level 3

This core level 3 rebreather rescue programme is an important and crucial step in expanding your knowledge and experience beyond a purely recreational level. This training programme is a prerequisite for all leadership training (Level 4 dive master and instructors). This course is demanding and realistic in its conduct, content and approach. Interaction discussion, variety and flexibility are stressed during skills training. This unique course builds confidence and ability, providing the skills and knowledge to help you better understand how to respond safely and efficiently to surface and underwater emergencies.

Level 4

This qualification confirms a diver who has commendable diving skills, positive attitude, role model manners, sound rescue skills, professional level of general diving knowledge, dive supervision and organisational abilities.

Mk6 Discovery Rebreather Specialty

The Mk6 Discovery is designed for the sport recreational market. The unit design is a fully automatic closed circuit electronic system requiring no user input underwater and with the concept that if there is a problem the diver switches over to open circuit and ascends. This unit is targeted for the recreational market, so that many more divers may have the benefits of closed circuit diving without the seriously long and complicated training that is generally required for other closed circuit systems. The unit features some innovated designs that are new to the closed circuit rebreather industry which provides unique safety aspects.